Tips on How To Start Your Own BusinessIf you are learning how to start your own business, then you must educate yourself thoroughly on the subject. No business should be rushed into.

Good planning, well thought out, is essential for your business to get off to a good start. It doesn’t mean you won’t have rocky times, it just means you’ll be better prepared when things seem to be getting tough in business.

To start your own business from scratch is a big undertaking but it can be done one step at a time.

First, identify what kind of business you want to start. Then, get a business plan together.

Ask yourself these questions and be able to answer them before you start any business!!

1) What is my business goal?
2) What is the product or service that I will offer in my business?
3) How will I market my business?
4) How much capital will I need?
5) Where will I get the capital from for the business?
6) Do I want to have a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation?
7) Will my family support me in this business venture?
8) How much time do I have to offer to my business?

How To Start a business from scratch

When starting a business from scratch, you’ll need to create a business name, a logo, and a product or service. If you create your own product (invention) from scratch, you’ll need to get it trademarked and patented. You’ll need a lawyer to help with this process. This can be quite costly.

If you want to start a business, but not from scratch, a franchise may be for you.

Franchises can be very costly too.

If you are in the service industry, the restaurant business for example, you would not need to go through a patent process. There are some excellent local restaurant businesses that started from scratch and have their own recipes, etc.

7 Tips on How To Start A Business
1. Research your market area and demographics
2. Talk to a lawyer about the differences between sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation.
3. Test the market to see how well the idea would be received, use polling and random sampling of the general public.
4. Have a contingency plan for times when the economy may be slow.
5. Talk to other business owners
6. Get a business mentor.
7. Research all of your costs, from large expenses such as building, rent, equipment to even the smallest expenses like copy paper, bathroom supplies and such.

Hopefully you can see from this short post, that you must do a lot of research on how to start a business.

If it is overwhelming and you’d like to be in business but not sure you want to go this route, then you probably should not.

There are other ways to be in business that are more cost effective, less time consuming and less risky.

Network marketing is a legitimate business opportunity that doesn’t involve all the start up and costs. Learn more about what network marketing can do for you. And talk to your lawyer or accountant about the network marketing  business benefits you receive versus a traditional business.

Montell Jordan Taken Back the Music


Montell Jordan was born on December 3rd, 1968. His music career began with his first single in 1995.” Montell Jordan was an R&B songwriter and record producer.

Montell Jordan left his R&B singing career to sign Christian music after becoming a Christian.

Check out Montell Jordan and Beckah Shae in this video “Shake Heaven.”

Beckah Shae Put Your Love Glasses On


Beckah Shae is a young inspirational Hip Hop Christian singer.

She is married and a mom of two girls.

Beckah Shae in concert

Beckah ShaeI saw Beckah Shae in concert and it was great. Her music and message is unique and refreshing.

During the Beckah Shae (free) concert, she would talk to us as if we were friends just hanging out.

Beckah Shae credits her mom as an inspiration in her life.

Her mom was that her mom was Jewish but converted to Christianity. So Beckah Shae grew up going to church and also around extended family’s Jewish traditions.

Like a lot of teenagers, she had some trouble with identity as a young person. She made poor decisions when it came to drugs. And often struggled with anxiety and depression. She says to be free now because of Christ.

Now Beckah Shae is an inspiration to many.

Growing up, Beckah Shae had to move around quite a bit. She lived in shelters and trailer parks.

But God had gifted her with a talented voice that she was to use in a big way. Little did Beckah Shae know how.

Beckah Shae was performing in Las Vegas when she felt depression and loneliness hitting her. One day, she decided to attend an online worship service that transformed her life. Someone recognized that she had such a great singing voice. Beckah Shae was told to go to Nashville and pursue it.

Beckah Shae is an excellent singer. She regrets that there isn’t more positive music to effect the younger generations. She is working hard to change that.

Beckah Shae has performed with artists like Toby Mac and Montell Jordan.

Some of her songs include:
Put Your Love Glasses On
I’m Beautiful
Faith, Hope and Love
and many more faith inspired songs.

Her music is truly uplifting and sends a positive message to all, especially our youth.

In today’s society, music really can impact one’s outlook on life. And if they are always listening to negative, angry or depressing lyrics, how will that effect their own self imagine? When you listen to something enough, you begin to believe it. It does shape your mind and after awhile, you don’t even know it.

“People are only listening to what’s being handed to them,” Beckah Shae says. And I hope more people tune in to her uplifting music with messages of hope, love and victory.

Learn more about Beckah Shae here.

Listen to Beckah Shae and her awesome hit “Put Your Love Glasses On.”

Beckah Shae says simply her desire is to help others:

“I know God’s allowed me to endure all the things I’ve gone through in life just to know Him better and develop a true compassion and genuine love for people. I’m on a mission to dive deeper into the heart of God, and I’m committed to sharing the truth and treasures I find while I’m in there! I am just one voice rising up to proclaim God’s truth and power for such a time as this. A great and terrible day is at hand, and it is my desire that through songs of victory, we will usher revelation and courage to those who are hungry, thirsty and willing to follow the narrow road.”

I look forward to more great songs like Put Your Love Glasses On by Beckah Shae!


The unemployment rate has slowly but steadily been getting better.

We’ve seen some bad unemployment rates over the last few years.
Even Facebook is chiming in to help.

Even with the unemployment rate dropping, Americans need extra income now more than ever. We are still recovering from the recession and it will take years to fully recover.

Housing and foreclosure rates have improved nationally. However some states are still seeing high amounts of foreclosures.

Last month alone, foreclosure rates in two states have sky rocketed. In New Hampshire, foreclosures jumped 62 percent. In Massachusetts, 75 percent. Nevada has had the nations’ highest foreclosure rate.

Last year, lenders took back 804,000 homes.

Unemployment has contributed to the foreclosure problem. The foreclosure process has been slow, but as the process picks up, we will see an increase in the homes being lost again.

Overall, foreclosure rate is better than this time last year.

The foreclosure rate is one out of 624 households.

As unemployment rates drop, we should also see less foreclosures but this will not show up for a few years.

If you are currently looking for job or want to prevent foreclosures, here are some things that can help you:

Helpful tips for unemployment and foreclosures

Be an expert at the interview process. Read these tips to help with the interview.

Make extra income part time a few hours a day from home or a local library with a computer.  Empower Network can help with that.

Plug into local churches that may be able to help somehow. My mother could not afford heat this winter and a local church paid for $200 worth of oil so that she can have heat. She’s saving money by keeping the thermostat low, and preserving the oil that she has.

If you are homeless, find local shelters that can help you during this time until you can get back on your feet. I know in the largest city that I live closest to, there is a huge resource of help for the homeless.

Don’t give up. Times are tough but you’ll get through. Focus on solutions instead of the problem.

Help for Unemployment and ForeclosuresCount your blessings however small they are. If you still have your health, two legs, two arms, can watch a sunset and clean water, etc, then you are still better off than most people in the world.

Serve others. When the going gets tough, serving others less fortunate can always bring some kind of blessing into your own life.

Learn how you can avoid foreclosure. Look for help with the U.S department of Housing and Urban Development.

If you are a man or woman of faith, tithe 10% of your income. I can’t give a human explanation for this, but it works. I know people who should be in worse financial condition than they are in, but are doing better and say it is because of tithing.

Whatever you do, don’t give up hope. Become resourceful and learn how you can get through this. It may not seem like it right now, but you will learn things about yourself that you never knew. You can do it!

Skiing Fun and Crazy Skier Photos


Skiing fun never ends. This is a crazy activity. I’ve seen some crazy skier dudes.

Snow skiing is an adventure.

Not that I am any expert!

I always have a new experience when snow skiing.

The most recent was learning to ride a magic carpet.

Okay, not really magic, but it’s this cool automatic conveyor type belt that you just stand on.

I was getting onto a ski lift, one that I had been on in previous years that didn’t have this carpet yet.

I was talking, not paying attention.

Then boom, my turn. Well, I panicked, almost went down but I caught myself.

I am glad too. I always feel like an idiot when I fall in front of masses of people.

Like I said, skiing is always an adventure.

Sometimes, I see a crazy skier occasionally zoom by me. He might be in control but in kind of freaks me out for a second.

Accidents do happen and that’s why I now where a helmet. The crazy skier might crash into me.

I’ve had some wonderful skiing experiences and some scary skiing experiences.

For example, three years ago, I skied in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Side note: if you every have a chance to do snow skiing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, I highly recommend it.

This one particular day, we decided to go to the smaller mountain in Steamboat Springs, where Olympic skiers train. The mountain has relatively easy trails, except for a steep diamond and the slope with a huge jump where the Olympic skiers practice. You can imagine the air they get. They are pretty cool to watch.

But I was learning how to ride this tow rope for the first time on an easy trail. My balance was off the first few times. I fell. Of course, when you fall, the whole thing has to stop. It’s embarrassing, but no one was hurt and I got back up.

I tried again. I started to get the hang of it.

The next time I rode it, I was feeling pretty dang on good. I accomplished something new. You know the feeling. You are kind of relieved, happy and relaxed all at the same time.

Half way up, someone else fell about two bars ahead of me. Okay. Next thing I remember, he rolled down the path, knocking into me, knocking me off.

I slide away from the bar lift, can’t stop!

I headed towards a tree.

This is a time when I wished I was a snow skiing expert.

I finally stopped myself and was holding on to branches for dear life so that I didn’t keep sliding down the mountain.

Help arrives. Guess what, there is no way to get back over to the bar lift. I am too far away.

The skier starts to lead me down the steep diamond.

Not only am I scared from sliding down a hill, but now I’ve got to get myself down off this slope.

And I somehow I crossed over into the black diamond trail. This is skiing fun, NOT! But my helper was great, he was very calm, talked me through the whole thing.

Check out these crazy skiers – family actually. This is real skiing fun!
crazy skiingCrazy skiing in Colorado

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